OnPaper: the direct print solution


Is the innovative printing strategy enabling mobile document printing on any printer supporting the PTP (Photo Transfer Protocol).

The principle

If the printer can be connected to a camera you can print your documents with OnPaper:

  • No driver is needed
  • No need to recognise the printer brand, model, type
  • No need to download drivers
  • No need cloud connection, we take care of your privacy

How it works

With OnPaper you should just know these few information:

  • Paper size (Letter, A4, A5, …)
  • The kind of printer: Black and white InkJet or Laser, Photographic printer

That’s all. Then you select the document from your mobile device and share it with OnPaper app. In a bunch of seconds you have the image of your document ready for printing.

Documents and images converted for printing are saved in the folder OnPaper under your Image Gallery for future reuse or deletion.

Join the test team today for free!

OnPaper app is under development; the first release will be officially available on the market by the mid of October, 2017 but the pre-release versions are already available for free on GooglePlay and Amazon We like to know your valuable comments: install it today and send us your feedback and questions at balearicdynamics@gmail.com

Android app: OnPaper

Amazon app:  OnPaper

Updates are released daily and you will be notified automatically as new test versions are available.